Identifying each 
online visitor 
and customizing
website content
in real-time
utilizing Blockchain
technology and
token economy
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BehaviourExchange is able to adjust the content on company website in real time and show different content to each individual visitor, according to each visitor’s profile. BehaviourExchange offers unique identification of each individual online visitor in real-time and detailed profiling of visitors with demographic characteristics and interests, which is complementary to Google and Facebook.


BehaviourExchange network

The BehaviourExchange platform connects three parties in a smart and unique way: web visitors, websites and B2C businesses. We provide each of the parties with unique benefits: (1) websites are offered with free service of exchanging traffic with other websites from the partner network and are paid for data that helps us profile visitors, (2) visitors immediately find a product or service that fits their needs and are not bombarded with irrelevant ads and content, and finally (3) B2C businesses understand who their visitors are in real-time and use our service to show every visitor the most appropriate product or service.


Get more personalized and tailored offers and don’t get bombarded with irrelevant content.


Understand the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your visitors 24 hours a day and 365 days per year.


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Using blockchain and token based economy to fuel growth


We will incentivize companies to pay for their monthly service in BEX tokens instead of fiat currency by offering them a substantial discount for doing so. This will ensure the constant circulation of BEX tokens from token holders to millions of companies, from millions of companies to us, and then back to the market.


The token holders will be able to activate their profile. Then they’ll be able to update and actively manage their profile and in exchange for that, they’ll receive a part of the newly inflation-created tokens.


Furthermore, we will also incentivize websites to join the BEX partner network. Each such partner will be able to install our widget and enjoy the benefits of free traffic flow from other websites in the network or just a tracking code.

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Core Team



Before he was the head and the co-founder of media group Pro Plus, now founder and CEO of BehaviourExchange. Through experience and with his proactive approach he directs us to lead the project towards a common goal. He is a fan of macroeconomics and trends in the fields of media and the Internet, sworn athlete who likes to run, cycle, sail and play golf.

Štefan Furlan, PhD

Štefan has a PhD in computer science. He is passionate about Blockchain and Crypto technologies. He has worked on several projects related to his field during the course of last year, among others Viewly, a decentralised video platform. Before that, he worked at the Laboratory of Data Science at the University of Ljubljana and acted as a CEO and co-founder of a fin tech startup Optilab, that developed a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology for insurance fraud detection.

Peter Kresnik
Director of Sales

Peter started in travel and leisure industry, but was always fascinated with the Internet. He has many years of experience in digital advertising and recently he joined also in project BehaviourExchange. Since than he made a real impact with our advertising network. He is s funky character and a life lover.

Barbara Vtič

Barbara has been working in the field of finance her whole career, with special interest for start-ups, where she actively supported entrepreneurs with education, consulting and financial planning. She is a passionate advocate of CF management and has been cooperating with BehaviourExchange from the start. She loves nature and is a proud owner of a Maine coon cat.

Mitja Doma

Mitja has followed the rise of the Internet from 1993, first as the Internet program director for the Open Society Institute – Slovenia, later as a freelance programmer and web developer, and in recent years as the software architect and principal developer of the ContentExchange system. He plays a key role also in development of BehaviourExchange and is responsible for function of the system. He loves cooking and gardening.

Lili Cizelj
Business Intelligence Manager

Lili gained her experience fields of advertising and marketing, working in advertising agencies and international companies. At BehaviourExchange, by diving into data science and transforming reading habits into high quality consumer profiles, her role is to support the sales and marketing departments in finding new ways to attract, maximize and maintain new customers. Her strongest assets are communication and leadership skills, fast thinking and problem solving. She adores exploring new knowledge and pampering the people she loves.

Andraž Zupančič
Project manager - BehaviourExchange

Andraž gained experiences as administrator and editor for and later as project manager at web portal. He is a manager for Audience Development at ContentExchange for over three years already and now he is also responsible for managing global media sites network at BehaviourExchange project. He is general sport lover, especially Curling.

Maša Vozlič
Psychologist for Big Data Profiling

Maša has a Master’s degree in Psychology. She is keen in exploring how people think, how their mind works and why they behave as they do. At BehaviourExchange she works as Big-Data Psychologist focusing on profiling website visitors. The biggest challenge about profiling is how to transform enormous and anonymous pile of data into a living and breathing human being and she is the right person to do so. In her quest for answers she always ensures to tie up all loose ends since the meaning of data is to give data the meaning. She is a realistic optimist and is passionate about movies.

Eva Jurenec

Her experiences are in digital media, cross-promotion, and content marketing. She played key role in re-branding and repositioning of ContentExchange project and expanding business in foreign markets. Now she is responsible for marketing as well as brand management at every level of BehaviourExchange project for different world markets. She loves healthy lifestyle and people with crazy ideas.



Uroš Jurglič
Blockchain expert

Uroš is a seasoned software engineer and a tech enthusiast since early age. He has more than a decade of experience building IT systems in multiple industries including finance, e-commerce and video advertising. He is a Blockchain enthusiast, and works on several blockchain project. He is a core team member of Viewly, a decentralised video platform, and partner in Unchain Technology, a blockchain consultancy. He holds a Bsc in Computer Science and has cofounded Printbox, the biggest print kiosk network in Europe.