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How to build your social media presence from scratch

by BEX Media • 04/02/2019

Social media is a powerful and effective tool if used properly. Through various platforms and channels, you can connect with customers worldwide within seconds. The big question is: how do you face up to competitors here? The marketing experts from BehaviourExchange are here to share some valuable tips with you. Where (and how) to start […]

Color trends in web design 2019 – which colors are right for your website?

by BEX Media • 29/01/2019

Brought to you by BehaviourExchange Does the color choice of a website play a role in keeping users on a site for longer and convincing them of the achievements of a company? The answer to that is as brief as it is astounding – it is yes. Innovative companies often test a variety of methods […]

Why more and more brands today are taking a political stand

by BEX Media • 23/01/2019

At a time when so many political issues are prevalent and polarizing, it is not surprising that brands also reflect and communicate the surrounding issues in their promotions and marketing. The notorious Nike campaign, where San Francisco’s 49ers quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick made a testimonial against racism and police brutality in the US, was […]

2019 MARKETING ESSENTIALS: Social segmentation and personalization

by BEX Media • 18/01/2019

According to the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange, consumers are constantly surrounded and overseen by digital technologies that are evolving very rapidly, therefore they expect the same progress and increase in usefulness from marketing, ads, and brands as a whole. People today no longer really find it disturbing when Google correctly predicts what they’re searching for […]

How to create customer profiles for a personalized content marketing strategy

by BEX Media • 15/01/2019

According to the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange, you cannot create an effective and profitable content marketing strategy without the use of profiles. With profiles, you can get to know your customer base well by developing a certain understanding of your customers’ and prospects’ needs and desires. This whole process allows you to create offerings and content […]

5 ways small B2B companies can use content marketing to generate more leads

by BEX Media • 09/01/2019

B2B content marketing is a big challenge for many small businesses with small marketing departments. However, the content marketing trends for 2019 show that even B2B companies need to address this issue. 1. Clearly define the goals you wish to achieve with content marketing If your content marketing is not aligned with your goals, you either […]

3 major shifts marketers should get ready for in 2019, according to Google

by BEX Media • 08/01/2019

For marketers, every year brings new challenges and insights. And it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the curve. That is why Google asked industry experts to share their predictions for the future of marketing. What’s new in 2019 1. Voice marketing Demand for voice-assisted speakers is booming. According to Canalys, a marketing, […]

These are the main Google Ads trends for 2019

by BEX Media • 03/01/2019

The marketing experts at BehaviourExchange looked at the renewed Google Ads and identified the major online advertising trends for this tool in 2019. Smart features cause complications and offer benefits The revamped of Google AdWords as Google Ads has brought many changes like more automation and smart features, such as the Smart Campaigns or the new […]

Emotions in marketing: Learn how to reach your customers’ hearts!

by BEX Media • 19/12/2018

Buying decisions, however rational they may seem, are usually heavily influenced by emotions. With this in mind, you should immediately ask yourself a question: how can I address the emotions of the customers in order to sell them my product? Well, there are several ways you can go at it. Positive or negative? People can […]

3 findings that will shift your marketing strategy in 2019

by BEX Media • 14/12/2018

Are you aware that 84% of Americans are shopping for something at any given time? This is just one of Google’s more interesting marketing insights for 2018. The most interesting 2018 consumer insights to keep in mind in 2019 Consumer insights are the basis for any marketing strategy. Here are some interesting insights you’ll want to remember […]