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6 useful tips for your Christmas marketing

by BEX Media • 10/12/2018

>This article is brought to you by the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange In online as well as in offline retail the weeks before Christmas are known to be the highest turnover time for most businesses. However, a festive communication with the customer is only half the job. Here are some helpful tips to help you […]

The 5 most important marketing trends for 2019

by BEX Media • 03/12/2018

Autumn is a good time for many companies to take stock, review the current year and prepare for 2019. A close look at current and upcoming trends and a consideration of what your company should do “differently” is essential. What are the key trends for the coming year, and how can you optimally prepare for […]

How retailers can help shoppers find the best gifts for their loved ones

by BEX Media • 29/11/2018

The holiday season is here us and businesses are hoping that months and months of planning and marketing efforts will pay off and that their offerings will reach the right shopper at the right moment. A thoughtful shopper does his homework Thoughtful shoppers want to be the best gift-giver of all, which, of course, doesn’t […]

Why tracking your visitors’ behaviour is more important than you think

by BEX Media • 22/11/2018

This article is brought to you by BehaviourExchange The methods of tracking Internet users and their digital habits are becoming more sophisticated, with the humble cookie, the most popular technology, being just one of them. The purpose of online user tracking is to give organizations, businesses, websites, etc. insight into the behavior and preferences of […]

What marketers should know about Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

by BEX Media • 20/11/2018

The article is brought to you by the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange What do the two buzzwords actually mean in concrete terms? What unites both is a foundation of data. But how can artificial intelligence (AI) and customer experience (CX) really be meaningfully and profitably integrated into marketing? Artificial intelligence and customer experience in marketing When […]

Black Friday 2018: How BehaviourExchange can help you offer the right bargains to the right visitors

by BEX Media • 07/11/2018

In the US it’s an old ritual: On the Friday after Thanksgiving, you get in the car, head for the shopping center and make the credit cards glow. After all, Black Friday (this November 23rd) is the day when shops kick-start the holiday season with discount rates of 50% or more. Every year, this reliably […]

The main reason why online ads are often poorly targeted

by BEX Media • 06/11/2018

One of the reasons FB is often quite bad at targeting is because it places people into groups (eg. Female, 35-55, US, interest in fashion) and relies on information that people share about themselves on their profiles. Some people may have insufficient, inaccurate or old information on their profiles and the pages they liked many […]

How a business can create transparency & build consumer trust naturally

by BEX Media • 30/10/2018

Big data is increasingly used to narrowly target consumers with information or messages that are most likely to appeal to them. However, at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about the way that companies collect and use their personal information, data-driven content and advertising offer a way for companies to let people see how […]

Cut back your marketing costs and boost sales at the same time!

by BEX Media • 24/10/2018

In order to become more profitable and competitive, many companies are faced with the challenge of cutting costs. The marketing experts at BehaviourExchange prepared a Top 5 list of advice that will help you find and make use of your savings potential. Cut the costs (and not the effect) The easiest way to save marketing money […]

Customization vs. Personalization: Two Marketing Approaches for Generation Y

by BEX Media • 23/10/2018

>This article is brought to you by the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange Generation Y: People born between 1980 and 1990 who entered the professional world around the turn of the millennium. Therefore, they are known today as “Millennials”. They replaced Generation X and are not infamous for nothing. They are considered freethinkers who like to […]