6 Key Arguments for Including Customer Intelligence in Business Decision Making

by BEX Media • 04/11/2020

One of the biggest business challenges in the 21st century is to fully live up to the promise of data-driven decision making. Companies invested a lot of money and resources in building data warehouses, customer data platforms, and data tracking strategies over the past years. But more often than not, this data is not used […]

Personalization and Other Benefits of Customer Intelligence Used Right

by BEX Media • 23/10/2020

There is no better way to gain a detailed as well as holistic view of your customers. With the help of customer intelligence (CI), you can change all of your customer interactions to be data-driven and highly personalized. This, in turn, will generate increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, leading to increases in your most important customer KPIs.  […]

5 Simple Steps to Understanding What Your Customers Want

by BEX Media • 22/10/2020

The key to successful marketing lies in understanding what your customers want. Armed with the right customer data you can deliver content, offers, and products that appeal to customers. And better customer engagement drives conversions and increases sales. 1. At the core of every B2B and B2C business are customers and their needs. When all the products […]

What is Customer Intelligence anyway?

by BEX Media • 12/10/2020

Simply put, customer intelligence or CI is the process of gathering and analyzing various information about customers and their (mainly online) activities. This pursuit helps retailers and businesses build deeper and more effective relationships with their buyers and improve their organizations’ strategic decision-making by providing valuable insights into the customer base. Customer intelligence (CI) has thus […]

Data Driven-Marketing: How Data Can Improve Advertising

by BEX Media • 20/05/2020

The word Big Data has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. The generation and collection of data is, after all, nothing new. The meaningful use of this data, however, is a fairly fresh challenge and opportunity. Gaining insights into customer behavioral patterns plays a critical role in creating focused, targeted, or even personalized […]

3 Golden Rules of Successful Sales Sites (It’s all about the content…)

by BEX Media • 25/04/2020

Many retailers offer excellent products or unique services but fail to effectively present them to visitors of their sites. Big and established businesses, as well as small startups, often do not distinguish between ‘classic’ and modern online marketing. They fill their websites with ads and fantastic promotional verbiage rather than giving visitors what they really […]

Customer Intelligence is the secret weapon of successful B2C companies

by BEX Media • 19/04/2020

Observing, analyzing and understanding the behavior of online visitors and customers are all part of an exciting modern marketing tactic, called Customer Intelligence (CI). Let us look at just some of the reasons why CI forms the heart of the BehaviourExchange platform. A smart tactic for smart businesses Customer Intelligence has become the basis of any […]

Why custom content is the future of marketing (and 78% of CMOs already know)

by BEX Media • 13/03/2020

The web is constantly evolving, and audiences are evolving right along with it. That is why, businesses and CMOs need to evolve, too if they hope to stay ahead of the game. Around 78% of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of marketing. Tailor content to your customers/audiences Spend time learning about your audience. […]

Here are two good reasons why your business should give AI a chance

by BEX Media • 04/04/2019

Brought to you by BehaviourExchange When you’re already fully occupied by daily business, the thought of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your customer service and customer experience strategy can seem too daunting to consider. However, while the implications seem massive, AI is here to stay in the world of customer service and the customer experience. Here […]

How micro-influencers can help you improve your company image and boost sales

by BEX Media • 21/02/2019

This article is brought to you by BehaviourExchange The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) last year reported that 75 percent of all U.S. marketers would consider using Influencer marketing and over 40 percent would increase spending in 2019. The study also notes that the types of social media influencers may differ. Some companies are working […]