The BehaviourExchange AI driven and Blockchain based platform identifies and profiles web visitors in real time. This enables an automated customization of a website’s content so that each visitor is greeted with a personalized offer of products, services or content.


Irrelevant content is annoying and a complete waste of time, right? Wouldn't it be better to see the content and offers that truly match our interest and personality? With your consent we will follow what you read and how you behave to determine your profile. You will benefit by getting the content you are interested in and you will be rewarded with BEX tokens. BEX tokens will enable you to buy products and services from the companies in the network under favorable conditions.


Knowing and understanding customers is more important than ever for B2C companies. By using BehaviourExchange services you will be able to know who is visiting your web site in real time, effectively engage with your visitors and show them the right products or services. Personalizing the content of your website will increase sales due to better targeting and user experience. Payments with BEX tokens will be rewarded with discounts.


We are building a huge ​BEX ecosystem​ with 1 billion profiles and 1 million B2C companies using BehaviourExchange services which will create a constant flow of BEX transactions​. The highly experienced team has been working on the development for the last four years and the Beta version will be available in April. Become a part of our amazing project and help us make BehaviourExchange a big success!

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The BehaviourExchange platform connects three parties in a smart and unique way: web visitors, websites and B2C businesses. We provide each of the parties with unique benefits:

(1) media websites are offered a free service of content exchange, which results in a higher number of unique visitors for each participating website,

(2) visitors immediately find a product or service that fits their needs and are not bombarded with irrelevant ads and content, and finally

(3) B2C businesses understand who their visitors are in real-time and use our service to show every visitor the most appropriate product or service.


Understand the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your visitors and engage with them more personally

Pay for BehaviouExchange services with BEX tokens and be rewarded with discounts.


Get more personalized and tailored offers and don’t get bombarded with irrelevant content.

Be rewarded with BEX tokens for sharing personal data.

Pay for services or products B2C companies offer with BEX tokens and be rewarded with discounts as well.


Join the BEX partner network and enjoy the benefits of free traffic flow from other websites in the network.

Help us profile visitors and be rewarded with BEX tokens.

By connecting visitors, B2C companies and websites we will ensure the constant circulation of BEX tokens from token holders to millions of companies, from millions of companies to BehaviourExchange, and then back to the market



Using blockchain and token based economy to fuel growth




Start of development of the first ContentExchange network


Expanding the network of media partners

2017 Q2

The partner network reaches 200+ sites in Europe

September 2017

Intelligent profiling algorithms deployed

September 2017

Number of profiles exceeds 1 million, and is still growing

May 2018

Private Sale of BEX Token

June 2018

Public Sale of BEX Token

Mid 2018

Entering the B2C market

End of 2018

Intensive growth of BEX token economy


Global Expansion


Core Team


Co-founder and CEO

Before he was the head and the co-founder of media group Pro Plus, now founder and CEO of BehaviourExchange. Through experience and with his proactive approach he directs us to lead the project towards a common goal. He is visionary and a fan of macroeconomics and trends in the fields of media and the internet. He is a sworn athlete who likes to run, cycle, sail and play golf.

Bojana Jurenec
Co-founder and Financial Supervisor

Bojana gained experience with investments in a family run company. Now she is part of BehaviourExchange project as co-founder and financial supervisor. She is passionate about new ideas, startup projects and teams with a fresh drive. In her private life she is a fashion icon and a sport lover, specially fond of golf and yoga.

Peter Kresnik
Director of Sales

Peter started his professional career in travel and leisure industry where he got fascinated with the vast possibilities internet offers. He managed quite a few online travel projects where he fell in love with online communications and advertising. This resulted in his leap from travel to advertising industry. His knowledge and intuitive approach made a real impact in our sales and we are really happy that he joined BehaviourExchange project. He is a funky character and a life lover.

Barbara Vtič

Barbara has been working in the field of finance her whole career, with special interest for startups, where she actively supported entrepreneurs with education, consulting and financial planning. She is a passionate advocate of CF management and has been cooperating with BehaviourExchange from the start. She loves nature and is a proud owner of a Maine coon cat.

Mitja Doma

Mitja has followed the rise of the internet from 1993, first as the Internet program director for the Open Society Institute – Slovenia, later as a freelance programmer and web developer, and in recent years as the software architect and principal developer of the ContentExchange system. He plays a key role in the development of BehaviourExchange and is responsible for the functioning of the system. He loves cooking and gardening.

Gašper Zadnik, PhD
Data Scientist

Gašper has a PhD in Mathematics. After finishing his studies in 2014 he has been working as a software developer and data scientist. His motivation for solving problems is other people’s satisfaction and happiness. He loves honest relationships with co-workers and people in general. Apart from work he enjoys long bicycle rides, spending time in nature, exploring his limits and drinking beer.

Lili Cizelj
Business Intelligence Manager

Lili gained her experience in the fields of advertising and marketing, working in advertising agencies and international companies. At BehaviourExchange, by diving into data science and transforming reading habits into high quality consumer profiles, her role is to support the sales and marketing departments in finding new ways to attract, maximize and maintain new customers. Her strongest assets are communication and leadership skills, fast thinking and problem solving. She adores exploring new knowledge and pampering the people she loves.

Andraž Zupančič
Project manager - BehaviourExchange

Andraž gained experience as an administrator and editor for and later as a project manager at web portal. He is a manager for Audience Development at ContentExchange for over three years already and now he is also responsible for managing global media sites network at BehaviourExchange project. He is general sport lover, especially curling.

Maša Vozlič
Psychologist for Big Data Profiling

Maša has a Master’s degree in Psychology. She is keen to explore how people think, how their mind works and why they behave as they do. At BehaviourExchange she works as a Big-Data Psychologist focusing on profiling website visitors. The biggest challenge about profiling is how to transform enormous and anonymous pile of data into a living and breathing human being and she is the right person to do so. In her quest for answers she always ensures to tie up all loose ends since the meaning of data is to give data the meaning. She is a realistic optimist and is passionate about movies.

Eva Jurenec

Eva has vast experience in digital media, cross-promotion, and content marketing. She played key role in re-branding and repositioning of ContentExchange project and expanding business in foreign markets. Now she is responsible for marketing as well as brand management at every level of BehaviourExchange project for different world markets. She loves healthy lifestyle and people with crazy ideas.

Lovro Herga
Project Manager

Lovro started his career as an event manager where he gained organisational and management experiences. Later on he worked in sales in several multinational companies. His role in BehaviourExchange is to introduce and expand BehaviourExchange service to different markets. He enjoys nature and adrenaline sports.

Sabina Leskovec
Content Manager

Already during her years as a journalism student, Sabina started working in media. She now has more than 15 years of experience in printed and digital media and is working at the BehaviourExchange project as a content manager. As a journalist she loves discovering interesting topics to write about and meeting different kinds of people who show new perspectives on the world. And in the same adventurous and curious spirit she loves travelling the world which is her biggest passion.

Alenka Grmek
Editor VP

Alenka is a journalist, she belongs to the editorial part of the team and works as a content manager. She has worked within several different positions obtaining experience in a diversity of online-media-related fields such as editing, content management, writing, media research, production, marketing, PR, copywrighting, social networks management, TV presenting, etc. Things that mean the most to her are: love, friends, music, sports, respect and sweets. Her life motto is: Life’s too mysterious to be taken too seriously.

Natassa Petra-Barat
Audience Development Manager

Natassa is the Audience Development manager of Content Exchange, responsible for the Greek, English and other European markets. She takes care of the media partners included in the Content Exchange platform and she is responsible for expanding the network with new exciting and strong partnerships! She has studied sports journalism in Greece and has a degree in international relations from the University of Ljubljana. She has worked as a journalist, media correspondent and translator. She is gregarious, energetic and loves new challenges.

Alenka Kresnik
Sales Manager

Alenka is a synonym for Sales. With her long and rich experience in Sales she is an indispensable and a vital asset to the BehaviourExchage team. To her expertise from the field of direct sales, business to customer project management, classic media advertising and digital marketing she is now simply adding experiences also from crypto and blockchain world. She is unstoppable when it comes to gaining knowledge, creating success or fully enjoying life and having fun. Lovely personality with a gift for people are virtues that define her best.

Sašo Ocepek
Ad Network Manager

Sašo Ocepek gained experience from ad serving and monetization platforms. He is the Ad Network Manager at Content Exchange and takes care of monetization of websites and communication with publishers and advertising agencies. At BehaviourExchange project he works in various fields, from communications to different information gathering.

Vesna Drufovka
Office Manager

Vesna has 15 years of experience in HR, legal field and office management. She gained her vast experience working for legal offices and media companies. As Office Manager she has a vital role in the BehaviourExchange team, taking care of day-to-day business activities, legal matters and HR and supporting all departments. She is passionate about life, loves nature and all living beings. She adores active, dynamic and healthy lifestyle and believes you’re never too old to learn and experience new things.

Aljaž Pogorelčnik
Media Consultant

Aljaž is a person of many interests and has been lucky so far to work on projects that enabled him to gain experience and skills in various creative fields.
His objectives for the future are to face new exciting professional challenges, meet interesting people and discover new places.



Cecilia Paolino-Uboldi
ICO Advisor & Strategist

Cecilia is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Advisor of several Blockchain companies. She is an advocate of organisations that do great things for their customers and her passion is to help them achieve their own level of greatness. With over 17 years experience in building strategic partnerships and alliances globally in the Gaming and Technology sectors. She has lived and worked in a number of countries developing a strong cultural understanding and fluency in 6 languages. Cecilia is a Partner and a Global Head of Commercial Affairs at SlotGuru which is a mobile application for slot players to increase their engagement & satisfaction, whilst also reducing the likelihood of developing Problem Gambling issues, through education and awareness.

Yagub Rahimov
Blockchain ICO Consultant

Yagub Rahimov is a serial entrepreneur operating within FinTech ecosystem. Investing since the age of 16, Yagub is an award winning trader and a savvy Crypto/Bitcoin investor since mid-2009.  He has a vision that machine learning combined with the Blockchain technology will define the future of the FinTech ecosystem. Yagub is the CEO and co-founder of 7MARKETZ Inc. Group, one of the top 5 leading blockchain marketing agencies globally.

Arda Kutsal
ICO Advisor & Influencer

Arda Kutsal, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of Webrazzi, Turkey’s most influential online media publication covering tech startups. With a background as an industrial engineer and software developer, he founded Webrazzi in 2006. He has since been featured on the cover of Forbes Turkey (2010), and in Fortune’s ’40 under 40’ list from 2011-2017.
Through Webrazzi’s profiling of tech startups, Arda became an angel investor with a portfolio of successful startups, including two unicorns. He has been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for several years, buying his first Bitcoin in 2014. In 2017, he set up Bitrazzi, a global publication covering blockchain and cryptocurrency news under the management of Webrazzi.
With Webrazzi, Arda holds regular international conferences including Blockchain Venture Summit and Webrazzi Summit, with an array of prominent speakers from around the world.

David Drake
ICO Advisor

David Drake is Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital, a multi-family office which deals in worldwide funds accessing over trillions in assets and maintains over 50+ global directors and family office partners.
More recently, David Drake is also seen as a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency.  He saw the value of digital assets when everyone was avoiding it. It all started in 2011 when Drake collaborated on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all ICOs.  He runs a $200M LDJ Cayman Fund focused on cryptocurrency, mining, and ICO acquisitions. LDJ Capital Credit also offers middle market bridge financing to seed upcoming ICO’s. Previously, he held a majority stake as a Managing Partner with Robert Hambrecht in an Alternative Energy Fund NewCommons Capital 2009-2010.
Drake was born in Sweden and is fluent in six languages.  He holds an MBA in Finance and an MA in International Law and Economics from George Washington University in DC where he was awarded the Wallenberg Scholarship for academic merit.

Dr. Christian Ellul
Legal Advisor

Christian completed his Doctorate in Law in 2005 furthering his studies with an Adv. LL.M. in International Taxation from the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands. Christian has worked as a tax advisor for a Big 4 Audit firm in Malta as well as a reputable local Corporate Service provider. In 2009 Christian together with Karl Schranz was one of the founding members of another a Corporate Services Provider in Malta, before leaving to set up E&S Consultancy in 2010. Christian currently sits on the board of all of the companies within the E&S Group and his competences include Malta direct and indirect taxation, international tax structuring, Taxation of Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, trusts, corporate and company law and related legal advice.

Malcolm Tan
ICO & Legal Advisor

Legally trained, specialising in variety of technology, international law, and “grey area” legal subjects. Intellectual and Litigation lawyer in early practice, later a full-service lawyer. Business consultancy, business and projects brokering, funding and investments, engineering and construction, retail businesses, hotelier, IT and business management, now into ICO/ITO.

Joseph Nardone
Blockchain Expert

Passionate innovator who focuses on the intersection of technology and business. Started his career in financial technology working as a algorithmic trading programmer. Transitioned to software technology and enterprise technology innovation. His vision has enabled him to lead teams in creating blockchain solutions and prototypes. He currently focuses on developing tailored ICO’s for select companies.

Štefan Furlan, PhD
Blockchain Advisor

Štefan has a PhD in computer science. He is passionate about Blockchain and Crypto technologies. He has worked on several projects related to his field during the course of last year, among others Viewly, a decentralised video platform. Before that, he worked at the Laboratory of Data Science at the University of Ljubljana and acted as a CEO and co-founder of a fin tech startup Optilab, that developed a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology for insurance fraud detection.



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