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Optimize Customer Experience

Offer the right online content to the right visitor at the right time.

Personalize your website to each individual visitor in real time by offering content that matches their interests

Customize any type of content

Customize featured products

Customize graphics

Customize search results

Customize push notifications

Customize images

Customize any type of content:

BehaviourExchange: Personalized Website

Drive results with BEX Personalized website

Higher Average Order Value

Higher Conversion Rate

Longer Session Duration

More Pages Per Session

Know your web visitors and customers interests before they tell you what they want.

Advantages of your website personalization

Personalized Website Personalize website

Personalize any website element you want.

Personalized Website No coding

No coding or extra work on your side, we will take care of everything.

Personalized Website Increase engagement

Increase visitors engagement and keep them coming back.

Personalized Website Maximize time on site

Maximize time on site, pages per session and customer satisfaction.

Personalized Website monitor, analyze and optimize

We monitor, analyze and optimize personal content of your website in real time.

Personalized content in real time increases quality and overall customer satisfaction.