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Get to know your customers

Create a customer behaviour database and start using data to your advantage.

By understanding and placing data into the context of your business operations you can make effective and intelligent decisions that deliver measurable results.

BehaviourExchange: Customer Intelligence Build

We build your own visitors and customer database.

Our team of experts will analyze the behaviour and habits of your visitors and help you understand the impact of each visitor’s characteristic on your business.

BehaviourExchange: Customer Intelligence Process
BehaviourExchange: Customer Intelligence Execute

We empower you to establish a personal communication with each individual visitor on your website or wherever on the internet.

BEX Customer Intelligence provides comprehensive insights into the behaviour of your web visitors and customers, and consequently an understanding of what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. This insight tells you not only who they are, but also what, when and why they make certain buying decisions.

Customer Intelligence services are essential to:

Customer Intelligence Understand motivation

Understand what motivates someone to buy and discourages them from buying.

Customer Intelligence past purchases

Design a sales strategy based on customers past purchases.

Customer Intelligence relevance of offers

Increase the relevance of your offers.

Customer Intelligence Optimize costs

Optimize operating, marketing and technology costs.

Customer Intelligence customer retention

Improve customer retention.

Increase your business agility and build a competitive advantage by deepening relationships with customers and becoming a data-driven organisation.