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General terms of use of Behavior.Exchange web content


By reading the content on Behaviour.Exchange, the user agrees with all the provisions in the General Terms of Use of Behaviour.Exchange online content listed below. If you do not agree with the provisions, we advise you to leave the Behaviour.Exchange website or not read its contents. This provisions are mandatory for all users of the Behaviour.Exchange website and are applied globally.

1. General provisions

The content of the General Terms and Conditions on the use of the Behaviour.Exchange website refers to the terms of use of the web content / services on the Behaviour.Exchange website and represents a legally valid and binding agreement between the provider and the users or members of the Behaviour.Exchange website.

General Terms of Use of the Behaviour.Exchange website are updated from time to time and the last version of the provisions (date and version) are published on the website and available upon request with the provider. By using the services of the Behaviour.Exchange website, you agree with the latest version of the General Terms of Use.

2. Definition of terms

The provider, owner, holder of intellectual property rights and administrator of the Behaviour.Exchange website is I.r.v. d.o.o., Leskoškova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU (hereinafter the provider). Route providers are providers of a web connection that is leased from them by users or the provider.

A visitor or user (hereinafter “User”) is any person who in any way uses the Behaviour.Exchange website. A user of content / services is anyone who visits the Behaviour.Exchange website. Use is allowed to an indefinite number of users who accept the service of the provider in the manner, under the conditions and in accordance with these Terms and other instructions of the provider.

3. Availability of the Behaviour.Exchange website

Websites are generally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a year. The provider reserves the right to shortstops in access to the Behaviour.Exchange website maintenance and replacement of equipment and/or for other objective reasons. For maintenance-related reasons, the provider also reserves the right to longer suspensions of access to Behaviour.Exchange website. The provider does not guarantee the availability of the site in the event of any outages in the networks of route providers, or any outages, errors, other technical disturbances or interruptions of third parties (power supply…) and force majeure.

4. Access method

Use and access to the Behaviour.Exchange website is guaranteed 24 hours a day, except in the cases specified in Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions. The content provider reserves the right to restrict or terminate access to Behaviour.Exchange content to an individual visitor in case of suspicion of abuses specified in Article 10 of the General Terms and Conditions.

5. Terms of use

Age and responsibility

Using and/or reading content, published on Behaviour.Exchange website, is limited to persons of at least 15 years of age.
It is not allowed to use the service for any illegal purposes or any purpose, restricted by this General Terms of Use.

Other rules of use

To ensure the quality use of the services, the user undertakes to follow all instructions and other rules of use published on the Behaviour.Exchange website when accessing and using them.

6. General recommendations to users

Use the services in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the service provider and the instructions of the route provider. Users should be aware that abuse is possible despite the care and control of the services. The service provider will inform its users about all changes and innovations in all places where the instructions for use of the services and the Terms are published.

7. Privacy and data protection

The service provider undertakes to carefully protect user data and to use it exclusively for the purpose of providing services. Service provider will protect the personal data of users in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1) of Republic of Slovenia.

More information and rules on personal data protection are defined in the Privacy Policy.

8. Disclaimer

The user should be aware that:

Online technologies for downloading and accessing content are not 100% reliable. In the event of any outages due to the route providers, the content provider does not take responsibility. The content provider and the route provider are not responsible for the incorrect operation of the services as a result of misuse and ignorance of the user. The user needs a reasonably fast internet connection to use the video content. The minimum required connection speed is 512 Kbps, and a minimum of 1 Mbps is recommended. The content provider cannot guarantee the operation of the services in the event of a failure of the network of contractual partners, power outages or other technical disturbances that could temporarily disrupt the operation of the services.

9. The user undertakes to:

– will not use the Services for the purpose of publishing or promoting any content and / or activity that is contrary to applicable law and / or public order and morality,
– will not use threats, derogatory, degrading or insulting language in his communication,
– will not communicate with other users on behalf of other persons,
– will not use the Services for commercial, illegal or any purposes other than those specified in these Terms,
– will not distribute copyrighted content or content owned by another legal or natural person,
– will not attempt to obtain, collect and / or store the personal data of other users,
– will only provide own personal data,
– will not harass other users if they express their disagreement with the communication,
– will not in any way copy, store or transmit all or part of the content of the Behaviour.Exchange website,
– will not use computer codes, malicious programs or anything that could interfere with, disable or impair this service, the service provider and its software and hardware, the route provider and telecommunications devices.
– will comply with the provisions of Article 63 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, which prohibits incitement to inequality and intolerance and prohibits incitement to violence and war
– will comply with Article 297 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia, which prohibits public incitement to hatred, violence or intolerance and
-will comply with all other applicable legislation in the European Union and Republic of Slovenia.

10. Complaints

Users are provided with technical support and assistance at the e-mail address: The content provider manages all possible complaints and other procedures with users, in accordance with its rules of operation and applicable legislation of the Republic of Slovenia. The content provider undertakes to resolve any technical and / or content complaints on an ongoing basis. In the event of justified complaints, the content provider will ensure that users eliminate the causes of the complaint and, if it finds irregularities on the part of the route provider, will forward it to the route provider, who is obliged to eliminate the error. In the case of justified complaints, the content provider undertakes to resolve them within a reasonable time and inform the user. If the complaints relate to the route provider, the provider of the content of the complaint in question will forward it to the relevant service of the route provider, which is obliged to eliminate the error. All complaints related to the operation of the Internet network are resolved by the Internet connection provider of the service user.

11. Violation of conditions

The content provider reserves the right to deny access to the Behaviour.Exchange website to users who violate or act in violation of the Terms.

If the user causes any damage to the service provider or route provider by his actions, he is fully morally, materially and criminally liable for it.

Report any violations in the use of the website by other users to the service provider by e-mail: or in writing to the address I.R.V., d.o.o., Leskoškova 12, 1000 Ljubljana.


Every time you visit a website or are in contact with BehaviourExchange services, your BehaviourExchange service provider may, from time to time, use different technologies for automatic or passive collection of information on the use of services (Usage data). Usage information may include information about the type of browser, operating system, device type, assessment of the visitor’s geographical location based on IP address, information about the page visited and the time the user spends on this page, type of content on the page visited, time of page visit, referrer URL and other data that is an integral part of the HTTP protocol. The statistics collected in this way serve us to monitor the use of services, such as. how many visitors visit the pages where the BehaviourExchange services are located and on which links, if any, visitors “click”, or in general, what activities they do on the site.

Usage data generally does not allow user identification.

While browsing the website, short text files – cookies – are transferred to the computers of users and members together with the content of the files. Cookies contain information that is necessary for the proper operation of some applications on the website, while giving users some advantages in using the services.

The user or member can use the settings of their web browser to determine whether or not to allow the use of cookies on a particular website. More information about cookies and their use can be found in the documentation and instructions for using your browser and in Cookie Policy.

The user may request the deletion of the collected data or prohibit the use of data for data collection and processing for market research, advertising and improvement of the user experience online (hereinafter “profiling”) by sending a request to the address for deletion, modification or withdrawal of consent to data processing.

13. Changes

The content provider may change the terms of use of the content. The content provider undertakes that with each change or supplement the terms of use in an appropriate manner to inform users.

Last modified: 5/25/2020