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Author: Tamara Trajkovska

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Understanding your customers is the secret of successful selling Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive with businesses competing for market share, customer acquisition and customer retention. In order to gain this advantage, to find more customers and to increase customer loyalty, businesses need to target the right prospects with the right

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How to Become Better Customer Centric Company

A company’s success in achieving customer-centricity and customer loyalty is no longer a differentiator. But, it has become a matter of survival. Customer experience is continually evolving as technology and customer demands change. Just because a company was once customer-centric doesn’t mean it still is in 2021. Many companies aim

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The 5 Stages of Customer Awareness

Getting the right message, to the right person at the right time. That’s the goal, right? To know what to say you must first identify the different types of customers you will have. There are many denominations and one of them is based on the customer journey. Thanks to Eugene

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What is Customer Intelligence (CI) anyway?

Simply told, Customer Intelligence or CI is the process of collecting and analysing various customer information and data gathered from their online activities. Marketing practices based on complex customer data help retailers and companies establish deeper and more effective relationships with consumers as well as improve the strategic decision-making of

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