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3 Golden Rules of Successful Sales Sites (It’s all about the content…)

by BEX Media • 25/04/2019

Many retailers offer excellent products or unique services but fail to effectively present them to visitors of their sites. Big and established businesses, as well as small startups, often do not distinguish between ‘classic’ and modern online marketing. They fill their websites with ads and fantastic promotional verbiage rather than giving visitors what they really […]

Why custom content is the future of marketing (and 78% of CMOs already know)

by BEX Media • 13/03/2019

The web is constantly evolving, and audiences are evolving right along with it. That is why, businesses and CMOs need to evolve, too if they hope to stay ahead of the game. Around 78% of CMOs believe that custom content is the future of marketing. Tailor content to your customers/audiences Spend time learning about your audience. […]

How micro-influencers can help you improve your company image and boost sales

by BEX Media • 21/02/2019

This article is brought to you by BehaviourExchange The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) last year reported that 75 percent of all U.S. marketers would consider using Influencer marketing and over 40 percent would increase spending in 2019. The study also notes that the types of social media influencers may differ. Some companies are working […]

Content marketing vs. inbound marketing: What is the difference?

by BEX Media • 11/02/2019

  This blog post is brought to you by BehaviourExchange Marketing has never been as confusing as it is today. Experts operate with terms such as inbound marketing, content marketing, account-based marketing, outcome marketing, agile marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, event marketing, experiential marketing and so on. Inbound vs. content marketing Once you know the […]

How to build your social media presence from scratch

by BEX Media • 04/02/2019

Social media is a powerful and effective tool if used properly. Through various platforms and channels, you can connect with customers worldwide within seconds. The big question is: how do you face up to competitors here? The marketing experts from BehaviourExchange are here to share some valuable tips with you. Where (and how) to start […]

How to create customer profiles for a personalized content marketing strategy

by BEX Media • 15/01/2019

According to the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange, you cannot create an effective and profitable content marketing strategy without the use of profiles. With profiles, you can get to know your customer base well by developing a certain understanding of your customers’ and prospects’ needs and desires. This whole process allows you to create offerings and content […]

5 ways small B2B companies can use content marketing to generate more leads

by BEX Media • 09/01/2019

B2B content marketing is a big challenge for many small businesses with small marketing departments. However, the content marketing trends for 2019 show that even B2B companies need to address this issue. 1. Clearly define the goals you wish to achieve with content marketing If your content marketing is not aligned with your goals, you either […]