5 Essential SEO Tips for 2021

by BEX Media • 05/03/2021

Some things change, some things stay the same. SEO is the backbone of a successful company. Find out here what you have to do in 2021 to stay (or come) on top. #1 UX A customer goes to your website from search, does not find what she is looking for and returns. She is then […]

How Customer Intelligence Can Fix the Biggest Problems of Telcos Today

by BEX Media • 27/11/2020

As demand and revenues in the Telco industry shift from voice traffic to data, customer experience becomes key. On a voice-based system, calls were made out of necessity, so  poor quality didn’t impact your wish to make a call.  When revenue depends on customer satisfaction Data is different. When data delivery is of poor quality, […]

”Businesses who adopt AI could increase their value by 120 percent”

by BEX Media • 17/06/2020

New research from McKinsey and Quantumblack suggests UK businesses adopting AI could see their value increase by 120 percent within a decade. AI overall could provide a 22 percent GDP boost worth millions to the UK economy, according to the research. Furthermore, the researchers warn that firms which do not integrate AI into their day-to-day […]

Why your company needs to start working on its AI strategy ASAP

by BEX Media • 24/04/2020

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essentially a transformative technology. You may think ”yeah, that is something for tech giants and digital innovators, my online store / B2B service company / tourist company / charity organization surely couldn’t find a use for this complicated technology”. Well, think again. Although at this moment […]

You’re slowly turning into a CENTAUR because of Artificial Intelligence – and it’s a good thing

by BEX Media • 06/03/2019

An article by BehaviourExchange If a person works with an artificial intelligence (AI) system, they are called a centaur. We’ll see more of those hybrids in the year to come, analysts claim. We are turning into centaurs The ancient Greeks created a hybrid creature with the torso of a horse and the upper body of […]

Why tracking your visitors’ behaviour is more important than you think

by BEX Media • 22/11/2018

This article is brought to you by BehaviourExchange The methods of tracking Internet users and their digital habits are becoming more sophisticated, with the humble cookie, the most popular technology, being just one of them. The purpose of online user tracking is to give organizations, businesses, websites, etc. insight into the behavior and preferences of […]