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How Customer Intelligence Can Fix the Biggest Problems of Telcos Today

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As demand and revenues in the Telco industry shift from voice traffic to data, customer experience becomes key. On a voice-based system, calls were made out of necessity, so  poor quality didn’t impact your wish to make a call. 

When revenue depends on customer satisfaction

Data is different. When data delivery is of poor quality, people will ultimately reduce their consumption. When data quality is high, people stream higher-quality content. 

Another issue Telcos face is intense customer resentment because of low network speed or outages. Because of that, Telcos today recognize the need for improving their customer experience. 

When revenue becomes directly tied to customer experience in a way never seen before, there is no time to sleep on innovation.

With the help of CI, Telcos can:

– Proactively manage shortfalls in experience KPIs such as network outages and service resolution with a personalized service approach based on their customer’s unique characteristics.

Personalize marketing and service based on customer characteristics, network experience, service usage, and service expectations.

Improve customer experience and reduce resentment by detecting the cause of network outages and identifying drivers for customer satisfaction across service areas and customer groups.

– Provide personalized content recommendations to customers.

– …

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