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5 Advantages You Will Have Over Your Competition if You Use Customer Intelligence

by BEX Media • 09/04/2021

The fact is that “73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.” One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to personalize it. Here are 5 advantages you will have over your competition, if you use Customer Intelligence (CI). CI allows you to know that a 25 year old […]

What makes a product legendary

by BEX Media • 05/03/2021

We think we cracked the code of successful products. If the product wishes to classify as legendary, it must satisfy customer’s basic human instincts: Self-Preservation Instinct, Sexual-Instinct and Social Instinct. How do those apply to products, you ask? Read on, my friend. #1 Self-preservation Instinct Your site must look “legit.” Obviously. The more professional it […]

5 Essential SEO Tips for 2021

by BEX Media • 05/03/2021

Some things change, some things stay the same. SEO is the backbone of a successful company. Find out here what you have to do in 2021 to stay (or come) on top. #1 UX A customer goes to your website from search, does not find what she is looking for and returns. She is then […]

What do customer loyalty and AI have in common?

by BEX Media • 05/03/2021

Scenario 1: You paid for a product or service and found that you got a pig in the poke. You dial the customer service number and the answering machine kindly informs you to wait for a free operator. But you never reach your turn. You give up the endless wait, filled with elevator music and […]

Goodbye smart phones? Tech giants are predicting big changes

by BEX Media • 05/03/2021

Smartphone sales have been declining for two years in a row, so tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are battling over who will offer the market the next ‘big thing’ that will bring about a new tech boom. It seems they all agree that that will be augmented reality or AR. Augmented reality or AR is […]

What will the future of advertising look like without 3rd party cookies?

by BEX Media • 23/02/2021

A cookie is information about a user that a web browser stores on a computer or other smart device. This information is then used to identify, track and collect specific information about Internet users, such as preferences for certain pages and content or their online shopping habits. The most important for advertising are 3rd party […]

How satisfied are your customers? Find out!

by BEX Media • 23/02/2021

A satisfied customer is the best advertising for your product or service. The importance of the client’s holistic experience is increasingly coming to the forefront. In other words: not only must your product or service amazing, but the customer experience at all stages: pre-purchase (research), purchase (choice) and post-purchase (purchase evaluation), must exceed all expectations. […]

Top 10 Commercials Ever Made

by BEX Media • 19/02/2021

There are good commercials and then there are legendary ones. For your entertainment we have picked 10 of the best commercials ever made. Enjoy! #1 “A Match Made in Hell” (2020) At number one we have Satan and 2020. Let the commercial speak for itself: #2 Progressive: “Pillows” (2020) An insurance company with a […]

Hello, I’m Bex! Want to explore artificial intelligence marketing trends in 2021?

by BEX Media • 16/02/2021

Have you ever chatted with a virtual assistant when searching for information about a product? Turned on the oven or heater at home via an app on your mobile device? Have you come across ads for products or services at a time when you were actually interested? Chatbots, Internet of Things (IoT), and dynamic personalised […]

5 rules for preparing attractive and effective B2B content

by BEX Media • 08/02/2021

A B2B (Business to Business) content strategy is part of a company’s marketing strategy that focuses on reaching target audiences through different types of content. In doing so, it does not communicate with the end user, but with the business entity. Most B2B marketing professionals effectively use a content strategy to achieve better brand recognition […]