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5 rules for preparing attractive and effective B2B content

by BEX Media • 08/02/2021

A B2B (Business to Business) content strategy is part of a company’s marketing strategy that focuses on reaching target audiences through different types of content. In doing so, it does not communicate with the end user, but with the business entity. Most B2B marketing professionals effectively use a content strategy to achieve better brand recognition […]

7 tips for a successful mobile strategy

by BEX Media • 03/02/2021

To achieve greater marketing efficiency, companies use various forms of communication and channels through which they address their target customers. While traditional communication channels work in the long run (increasing brand awareness and raising sales in the long run), mobile marketing campaigns can deliver immediate results. With these campaigns, we can quickly provide up-to-date information […]

Which type of advertising is most effective in festive months?

by BEX Media • 27/01/2021

We barely said goodbye to the Christmas and New Year holidays and Valentine’s Day is already at the door. Valentine’s Day is the next on the list of planned marketing campaigns, followed by Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in the first quarter. Easter will visit us in early April this year, so start preparing holiday […]

Why you must advertise during a crisis

by BEX Media • 20/01/2021

A decade after the last great economic crisis, a new recession is now on the horizon. In times like these, intuition tells us to keep costs as low as possible to keep our company alive. This makes sense to an extent, but at the same time, a crisis is the right time for some investments, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Paid Online Traffic

by BEX Media • 20/01/2021

Web traffic is roughly divided into two parts: organic and paid. Organic traffic includes visitors who come to a site either based on search engine results or through links from other sites. Paid web traffic, on the other hand, includes all visitors who come to it through a paid ad. Organic marketing is based on […]

Proven ways to boost e-commerce page conversions in 2021

by BEX Media • 15/01/2021

Sales page conversion rates average about 2 percent. This means that for every 100 visitors, two new customers can be expected. And honestly, that’s a pretty good conversion rate. Many websites have only a 0.1 to 0.2 percent conversion rate from visitor to customer. In order to gain a single customer, these sites must attract as many as 1,000 […]

3 Strategies To Stop Losing Online Sales

by BEX Media • 15/01/2021

You’ve set up your online store, carefully selected and tested products, advertised on select social networks and the Google Network. The design and navigation are user friendly. The products are presented with quality pictures, video presentations and informative descriptions, but visitors still leave the store without buying or leave the collected products in the basket. […]

The power of influencer marketing

by BEX Media • 14/01/2021

Marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Younger audiences thus no longer respond to the form of communication that was considered effective some time ago. Many companies today use a less intrusive and often more successful tactic than traditional marketing: influencer marketing. The role of influencers in marketing The first step in marketing with influencers is […]

Covid 19: A crisis for some, an opportunity for others

by BEX Media • 06/01/2021

In times of crisis, the old wisdom is proven true. Someone’s misfortune can be great a great opportunity for others. It is no different today, when because of the pandemic, some are closing down companies while others are failing to meet demand. When crisis becomes opportunity Perhaps the most obvious silver lining of the pandemic […]

Top Google searches of 2020

by BEX Media • 29/12/2020

Two stories marked the year 2020: corona virus and the American election. Still, web users were interested in many other things… We present to you an overview of the ‘hot’ topics that filled the media in 2020 and promoted online search! USA – Top Google searches: Election results, Coronavirus, Kobe Bryant – Most Googled people: […]