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A Quick Guide to Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing is part of the annual marketing strategy, which refers to the communication of special offers within selected holidays and special days of the year. The messengers of holiday marketing are holiday campaigns. They are prepared in the context of an individual holiday, and the main role is played

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What is native advertising

Native advertising is a form of online advertising in which the advertiser adapts the content and format of the ad to the consumer and the site on which it appears. The main advantage of native ads is that they are less intrusive and do not disturb the user experience of

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How to start using personalized advertising

Making advertising relevant to the recipient’s interests, wants, and needs is the first step toward a better online user experience. For marketers, this is also a very effective approach to reaching consumers. Thus, solutions that use customer data to create and position tailored ads, are increasingly in-demand today. Retargeting Retargeting

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BehaviourExchange: Customer Intelligence

BEX je najmočnejše orodje za obdelavo podatkov in uspešnejše poslovanje

BEX je najmočnejše orodje za obdelavo podatkov in uspešnejše poslovanje Customer intelligence (CI) je postopek zbiranja in analiziranja podatkov o kupcih ter njihovih navadah in aktivnostih za ustvarjanje poglobljenih in učinkovitejših odnosov s strankami ter za izboljšanje odločilnih procesov. S skupino multidisciplinarnih strokovnjakov na področju masovnih podatkov (Big Data), umetne

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5 Simple Steps to Understanding What Your Customers Want

The key to successful marketing lies in understanding what your customers want. Armed with the right customer data you can deliver content, offers, and products that appeal to customers. And better customer engagement drives conversions and increases sales. 1. At the core of every B2B and B2C business are customers and their

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