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Personalization and Other Benefits of Customer Intelligence Used Right

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There is no better way to gain a detailed as well as holistic view of your customers. With the help of customer intelligence (CI), you can change all of your customer interactions to be data-driven and highly personalized. This, in turn, will generate increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, leading to increases in your most important customer KPIs. 

More than just targeted advertising

A very important aspect of CI done well is the use of these insights for personalized communication and advertising. Think of it as being able to talk to each of your customers or business partners as if you knew them personally. You would have to spend a considerable amount of time to set up a meeting with them and to pitch them your idea – well, with the help of CI and personalized communication you can do that with thousands of customers at once!

To engage your customers in a meaningful way, you need to pay attention to what they’re telling you and speak to them individually. The good news is that CI can help you get to know the people behind the data, allowing you to create highly personalized experiences for every single person who engages with you.

There are innumerable ways marketing professionals can use customer intelligence to personalize communications with customers or business partners. One involves the creation of so-called customer personas on which to base marketing communications. Businesses can use their CI system to define/discover particular customer segments with similar behavioral characteristics and send messages that are tailored to the known personal characteristics, preferences, and online behavior of customers within these groups. 

Behavioral data can also be used for better product recommendations. Today it is more than ever important to show customers the content/products/services most relevant to them. With the help of customer intelligence, marketers can recommend the products customers are most likely interested in, based on their recent online activity. Customer data can also be used for predictive models as well as other applications of CI that make communications more relevant to customers such as contextual and geo-targeting. 

Experience is the greatest teacher. But no marketer has the time to gather enough experience by themself. That’s why there are services like Behaviour Exchange that help you make sense of available data and help you utilize it to develop a winning strategy.

So what are you waiting for? Find out what customer intelligence can do for YOUR business.