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Understanding your customers is the secret of successful selling Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive with businesses competing for market share, customer acquisition and customer retention. In order to gain this advantage, to find more customers and to increase customer loyalty, businesses need to target the right prospects with the right

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How to Become Better Customer Centric Company

A company’s success in achieving customer-centricity and customer loyalty is no longer a differentiator. But, it has become a matter of survival. Customer experience is continually evolving as technology and customer demands change. Just because a company was once customer-centric doesn’t mean it still is in 2021. Many companies aim

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5 Things to do to Convert Web Visitors into your Loyal Customers

Today, the most successful companies look for unique ways to differentiate from their competitors. They work on deep customer understanding in order to create the best customer experience while growing their business. Top companies cultivate resiliency, creativity, customer-obsession, and adaptability. We’re living in the age of the customer, so it’s

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What makes a product legendary

We think we cracked the code of successful products. If the product wishes to classify as legendary, it must satisfy customer’s basic human instincts: Self-Preservation Instinct, Sexual-Instinct and Social Instinct. How do those apply to products, you ask? Read on, my friend. #1 Self-preservation Instinct Your site must look “legit.”

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How satisfied are your customers? Find out!

A satisfied customer is the best advertising for your product or service. The importance of the client’s holistic experience is increasingly coming to the forefront. In other words: not only must your product or service amazing, but the customer experience at all stages: pre-purchase (research), purchase (choice) and post-purchase (purchase

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Top 10 Commercials Ever Made

There are good commercials and then there are legendary ones. For your entertainment we have picked 10 of the best commercials ever made. Enjoy! #1 “A Match Made in Hell” (2020) At number one we have Satan and 2020. Let the commercial speak for itself: #2 Progressive: “Pillows” (2020)

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5 rules for preparing attractive and effective B2B content

A B2B (Business to Business) content strategy is part of a company’s marketing strategy that focuses on reaching target audiences through different types of content. In doing so, it does not communicate with the end user, but with the business entity. Most B2B marketing professionals effectively use a content strategy

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7 tips for a successful mobile strategy

To achieve greater marketing efficiency, companies use various forms of communication and channels through which they address their target customers. While traditional communication channels work in the long run (increasing brand awareness and raising sales in the long run), mobile marketing campaigns can deliver immediate results. With these campaigns, we

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