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Here are two good reasons why your business should give AI a chance

Brought to you by BehaviourExchange When you’re already fully occupied by daily business, the thought of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your customer service and customer experience strategy can seem too daunting to consider. However, while the implications seem massive, AI is here to stay in the world of customer service

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Content marketing vs. inbound marketing: What is the difference?

  This blog post is brought to you by BehaviourExchange Marketing has never been as confusing as it is today. Experts operate with terms such as inbound marketing, content marketing, account-based marketing, outcome marketing, agile marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, event marketing, experiential marketing and so on. Inbound vs. content

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Consumers expect you to recognize their wishes and needs. Can a personal approach be applied to masses of potential buyers online?

This article is brought to you by the marketing personalization experts at BehaviourExchange Marketing has changed significantly over the last two decades and one of the most important recent marketing trends is personalization. Technological advancement in recent years brought about new opportunities for ever more accurate targeting and personalization of

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