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Here are two good reasons why your business should give AI a chance

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When you’re already fully occupied by daily business, the thought of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your customer service and customer experience strategy can seem too daunting to consider. However, while the implications seem massive, AI is here to stay in the world of customer service and the customer experience.

Here are two good ways for your business to make use of AI.

The illusion of self-service

Customers are already very comfortable with self-service technology (including AI-powered self-service) as long as it’s well designed.

It would be hard to ask most modern travelers to do without and Airbnb.  Anything that is essentially self-service, even if its backbone relies on sophisticated AI, feels comfortable to today’s customers.  Just think about the Google search engine itself, with the autofill suggestions and exact results offered, often before you’ve even completed your question;  no Internet user today would want to live without these. But when AI seems obviously other-powered rather than giving the user the illusion that they’re doing everything themselves, customers become reluctant.

This is why, many users dislike the most in-your-face applications of AI, such as chatbots. If this is a concern for your business, consider instead incorporating your AI into formats that almost all customers are already comfortable with. For instance, an automatic adjustment of content to each visitor in real time.

Attractive customer service

AI can be extremely helpful in customer service and customer support while allowing a human being to remain the visible face of your customer interactions; AI can feed a human customer service employee information that can help the customer via the human agent, making ‘AI plus human’ a truly attractive way to serve customers if you get it right.