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5 reasons why you should pay more attention to personalized advertising

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Advertising has always been based on knowledge of customers and target groups – the better the seller knows the buyer, the better he can adjust the communication and the more likely the purchase will occur. If in the old days this meant that a saleswoman knew customers personally and knew where they lived, how many children they had and where they worked, today technology allows us to ‘personally know’ and personalize millions of people at once.

‘Personalization’ may indeed be a trendy concept that has been talked about by all marketing professionals for several years, but it is actually an important aspect of any communication activity that is not wise to neglect. Here are 5 good arguments to rethink your approach to personalized advertising!

1. Personalized advertising is cheaper

Instead of shooting all over the place, we prefer to focus on actual potential customers when advertising and then advertise our products to those who are interested. Personalized advertising is based on thorough knowledge of customers. With the right data, we can address them with microscopic accuracy, so with the same investment, we will have better results (better ROI) than if we set a general campaign and showed our ads to a wide audience. The right message to the right person at the right time is the golden formula for optimal performance!

2. Personalized advertising is much more effective

Although marketers and advertisers today use countless sophisticated tactics, technologies, and tools, generating leads and improving their quality is still one of the most important priorities. 60% of marketers today believe that personalization is the most effective tool for achieving better quality leads.

3. People are immune to messages that do not address them personally

Research shows that most consumers today only respond to messages that are addressed to them specifically and include their interests. Why address anyone else with generic advertising messages that are so easy to ignore?

4. Personalized advertising has become easy

Modern technological solutions today allow us to use advanced approaches without special knowledge and astronomical development costs. This has made personalization accessible to small businesses as well. A good example is the Behavior Exchange platform, which allows companies and advertisers to use their own data to personalize advertising and customize the content of websites according to the profiles of Internet users.

5. We can only make a first impression once

A missed opportunity is gone forever. This also applies to the opportunity we have at making a best first impression with the customer, when we have a short moment of her attention. Let her feel immediately that our product is tailor made for her!