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What is Customer Intelligence anyway?

Simply put, customer intelligence or CI is the process of gathering and analyzing various information about customers and their (mainly online) activities. This pursuit helps retailers and businesses build deeper and more effective relationships with their buyers and improve their organizations’ strategic decision-making by providing valuable insights into the customer base.

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NEW: The use of BEX profiles on Google and Social Media

In addition to the existing BEX personalized advertising on news and content media, we now also enable the use of BEX profiles on Google and social media. You will be able to create specific target groups in one place, thus linking all activities into a comprehensive advertising campaign and increasing

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Uporabite BEX profile za komunikacijo na Googlu in družbenih medijih

Poleg obstoječega BEX personaliziranega oglaševanja, vam dodatno k možnostim oglaševanja na novičarskih in vsebinskih medijih, omogočamo uporabo BEX profilov sedaj tudi na Googlu in družbenih medijih. Na enem mestu boste lahko oblikovali posebne ciljne skupine ter tako povezali vse aktivnosti v celovito oglaševalsko kampanjo, s tem pa še povečali učinkovitost

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Data Driven-Marketing: How Data Can Improve Advertising

The word Big Data has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. The generation and collection of data is, after all, nothing new. The meaningful use of this data, however, is a fairly fresh challenge and opportunity. Gaining insights into customer behavioral patterns plays a critical role in creating

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Why your company needs to start working on its AI strategy ASAP

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essentially a transformative technology. You may think ”yeah, that is something for tech giants and digital innovators, my online store / B2B service company / tourist company / charity organization surely couldn’t find a use for this complicated technology”. Well, think

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