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Customer Intelligence is the secret weapon of successful B2C companies


Observing, analyzing and understanding the behavior of online visitors and customers are all part of an exciting modern marketing tactic, called Customer Intelligence (CI). Let us look at just some of the reasons why CI forms the heart of the BehaviourExchange platform.

A smart tactic for smart businesses

Customer Intelligence has become the basis of any good strategy, both for digital or offline marketing. With the help of the collection and advanced analysis of customer data, companies can:

  • obtain quality feedback on the behavior of visitors (preferably in real time),
  • communicate with online visitors or customers through various channels and devices in a personalized manner,
  • offer the right product – to the right buyer – at the right time,
  • create offerings of products and services that match the interests of potential customers,
  • form a sales strategy based on data on past customer behavior and their transactions on various devices,
  • adjust the communication strategy according to channel efficiency,
  • understand what motivates someone to buy something (or discourages them from buying),
  • connect with the customer on a personal level and develop closer relationships with customers,
  • increase their business agility, create a competitive advantage, rationalize existing marketing efforts and marketing costs, …

Loyalty and customer experience are highly connected in all industries and it’s no surprise that they have become increasingly more important for businesses to focus on. Here at BehaviourExchange, we believe that Customer Intelligence is the right tool to help you build loyalty, gain a competitive edge and improve your bottom line by gathering feedback and using it to make better business decisions.

In our experience, marketers who measure the impact of their Customer Intelligence (CI) say that it not only boosts campaign-specific results, but also increases customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, as well as revenue, profitability, efficiency and customer value.

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