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NEW: The use of BEX profiles on Google and Social Media


In addition to the existing BEX personalized advertising on news and content media, we now also enable the use of BEX profiles on Google and social media. You will be able to create specific target groups in one place, thus linking all activities into a comprehensive advertising campaign and increasing the effectiveness of advertising.

Using BEX profiles and BEX technology you will be able to reach audiences you haven’t been able to find on Google and Social Media so far

We all know the effectiveness of targeting on Google and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. By using BEX technology, you will be able to do this even more efficiently, regardless of whether your goal is to gain new visitors or to address existing ones.

BEX allows you to know who your online visitors are, understand their behavior, needs, and expectations, and communicate personally with each of them. With a detailed look at the profile of online visitors who have viewed or purchased certain products and offers on your website, BEX technology now allows you to find them on Google and social media with three steps.


With BEX technology you can take a close look at who are the visitors who have viewed certain products and offers on your website or bought them and how they behave in the buying process.


With BEX profiles, you can build numerous special target groups or personas on your website: based on demographics and more than 800 interests, depending on their activities or behavior on the website, distinguish between registered and unregistered users, divide visitors into new or existing, define who your VIP customers are, or loyalists, researchers, impulsive buyers,….



Create look-a-like audiences on Google and social media that match the characteristics and behavior of your specific audiences, find them among potential new visitors, and bring them to your website.


Create original audiences on Google and social media that match the characteristics and behavior of your specific audiences, find them among existing visitors, and bring them back to your website.

Advanced BEX technology, a professional team and over 16 million visitor profiles in the region are at your disposal

The BEX multidisciplinary group of experts consists of BEX experts in cooperation with Slovenian and international organizations in the field of data and artificial intelligence. BEX data experts, mathematicians, artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, psychologists, IT developers, content experts, and digital marketers work with individuals from the Jožef Štefan Institute, a global consulting company in the field of Data Science Ekimetrics and one of the most renowned profiling laboratories at Cambridge University.

Using sophisticated methods and tools to implement advanced statistical models such as predictive analytics, big data, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, semantic analysis, … BEX remembers and processes data of all interactions of web visitors on various web pages. Followingly, we work with you to conduct sustainable behavior analysis and create profiles for your online visitors or customers. We currently allow you to use 16+ million profiles in the region. The profile structure contains information like gender, age, geolocation, and more than 800 interests.

Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and start using BEX technology today

Ljubljana, October 2020