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What do customer loyalty and AI have in common?

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Scenario 1: You paid for a product or service and found that you got a pig in the poke. You dial the customer service number and the answering machine kindly informs you to wait for a free operator. But you never reach your turn. You give up the endless wait, filled with elevator music and unnecessary interruptions telling you to wait some more because you are “a valued customer.” Instead, you fill out the online complaint form and wait for a response. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one in a day or two.

Scenario 2: You have purchased a product or service that has a defect. You call the complaints department and report the problem. They replace the product or offer you another service, all within a few hours.

Under which scenario are you more likely to return and buy additional products or services? Tip: 93% of customers are more likely to re-purchase products that offer exceptional customer support. This, for many companies, is made possible by the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. With its ability to automate work tasks and multitask, AI tools speed up problem-solving and query response processes. By providing optimal UI support, it lowers the rate of customer departures and thus helps consolidate their loyalty.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using artificial intelligence in customer support:

Automation and multitasking

The introduction of AI tools in the process of customer supports represents and strong competitive advantage, as it helps employees with the automatization of tasks. They can dedicate themselves to more complex tasks, while AI takes care of the basics.

It also decreases the need for additional employment, as AI introduces the optimal work flow, that allows the customer to receive instantaneous feedback.

Ability to process enormous amounts of data

Using AI tools, you can follow your (potential) clients on all channels. AI is able to quickly collect and process an unimaginable amount of data that consumers leave on the web and form personalized profiles and predict their behaviour in the future.

This precious information allows you to have a deeper insight into the habits of your customers and thus provide excellent support. You will know in advance what your customers want and need. Sometimes, before they even know it.

Content personalization

On the basis of collected information, AI helps tailor the content offering and display only that, which fits the viewer’s preferences. The personalization enables more accurate targeting of target audiences and thus better results of your marketing and / or sales campaigns.

Up to 91% of consumers, will buy products from brands that provide personalized recommendations and offers.

A better user experience

According to the SuperOffice survey, the most important thing in customer support is a quick response time – 88% expect a response within one hour. The reality, however, is quite different: on average, they wait 12 hours for a response. The solution is digital assistants (Chatbots), who provide support to customers 24/7, respond to their inquiries and resolve complaints quickly. The year 2021 is therefore seen by some as the rise of conversational AI, while by 2025 the growth of this market is expected to reach $13.9 billion.