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The goal of advertising was to bring the Family Adventures closer to those audiences interested in family vacations.

Creation of the Target Groups

The BEX database enables the creation of narrow and broad audiences, using the parameters “include”, “required”, “exclude”. We thus formed 2 audiences for the Family Adventure campaign.

A condition of being parents:
BehaviourExchange Kompas-target1
Everyone under 49 years of age with parenting interest:
BehaviourExchange Kompas-target2

Cohort Analysis: User retention

We made a comparison of i.e. Quality leads or. returning visitors back to the site between those who interacted with BEX ad formats and those who interacted with gdn campaigns. We’ve found that BEX visitors are much better quality because they return to the advertiser’s site more and more often over time.

BehaviourExchange Kompas-result1
BehaviourExchange Kompas-result2
BehaviourExchange Kompas-result3

CTR Profiled Advertising vs. Non-profiled Advertising

We made a comparison between the classic and the non-profiled advertising.

For analysis, we took all the ad formats within all the advertising campaigns we ran for the company from January 2019 to March 2020. We used CTR% as the advertising metric.