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Introduce the new Mazda CX-30 to two audiences and encourage each individual with different advertising creatives to encourage them to buy a Mazda CX-30.

Creation of Target Groups

For the profiled advertising, we have formed the following target groups from the BEX database of 3 million profiles:

auto body style
reach 361,1 K BEX profiles

BehaviourExchange Mazda-target1

safety & technology
reach 371,8 K BEX profiles

BehaviourExchange Mazda-target2

With BEX profiled advertising, we showed an ad in accordance with specific interests of the profiles to each carefully selected target group, thus inspiring them to notice it and to engage.

Advanced Ad Formats

BEX profiled advertising enables the use of advanced ad formats. We have selected the following ad formats for the campaign:


CTR% was the most important advertising metric. All ad formats have exceeded the estimated CTR% that we set based on average CTRs, so called classic or. non-profiled advertising.

Part of the campaign was in the form of BEX profiled advertising, and part of the campaign was in the “classic format”, i.e. by placement on relevant content websites, but not profiled.

The analysis confirms the effectiveness of profiled advertising, since BEX profiled advertising has achieved incomparably better results than classic or. non-profiled advertising.