Personalization and Other Benefits of Customer Intelligence Used Right

by BEX Media • 23/10/2020

There is no better way to gain a detailed as well as holistic view of your customers. With the help of customer intelligence (CI), you can change all of your customer interactions to be data-driven and highly personalized. This, in turn, will generate increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, leading to increases in your most important customer KPIs.  […]

Data Driven-Marketing: How Data Can Improve Advertising

by BEX Media • 20/05/2020

The word Big Data has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. The generation and collection of data is, after all, nothing new. The meaningful use of this data, however, is a fairly fresh challenge and opportunity. Gaining insights into customer behavioral patterns plays a critical role in creating focused, targeted, or even personalized […]