3 major shifts marketers should get ready for in 2019, according to Google

by BEX Media • 08/01/2019

For marketers, every year brings new challenges and insights. And it’s never been more important to stay ahead of the curve. That is why Google asked industry experts to share their predictions for the future of marketing. What’s new in 2019 1. Voice marketing Demand for voice-assisted speakers is booming. According to Canalys, a marketing, […]

These are the main Google Ads trends for 2019

by BEX Media • 03/01/2019

The marketing experts at BehaviourExchange looked at the renewed Google Ads and identified the major online advertising trends for this tool in 2019. Smart features cause complications and offer benefits The revamped of Google AdWords as Google Ads has brought many changes like more automation and smart features, such as the Smart Campaigns or the new […]

3 findings that will shift your marketing strategy in 2019

by BEX Media • 14/12/2018

Are you aware that 84% of Americans are shopping for something at any given time? This is just one of Google’s more interesting marketing insights for 2018. The most interesting 2018 consumer insights to keep in mind in 2019 Consumer insights are the basis for any marketing strategy. Here are some interesting insights you’ll want to remember […]

The main reason why online ads are often poorly targeted

by BEX Media • 06/11/2018

One of the reasons FB is often quite bad at targeting is because it places people into groups (eg. Female, 35-55, US, interest in fashion) and relies on information that people share about themselves on their profiles. Some people may have insufficient, inaccurate or old information on their profiles and the pages they liked many […]