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How satisfied are your customers? Find out!

A satisfied customer is the best advertising for your product or service. The importance of the client’s holistic experience is increasingly coming to the forefront. In other words: not only must your product or service amazing, but the customer experience at all stages: pre-purchase (research), purchase (choice) and post-purchase (purchase

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What is Customer Intelligence (CI) anyway?

Simply told, Customer Intelligence or CI is the process of collecting and analysing various customer information and data gathered from their online activities. Marketing practices based on complex customer data help retailers and companies establish deeper and more effective relationships with consumers as well as improve the strategic decision-making of

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5 Simple Steps to Understanding What Your Customers Want

The key to successful marketing lies in understanding what your customers want. Armed with the right customer data you can deliver content, offers, and products that appeal to customers. And better customer engagement drives conversions and increases sales. 1. At the core of every B2B and B2C business are customers and their

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What is Customer Intelligence anyway?

Simply put, customer intelligence or CI is the process of gathering and analyzing various information about customers and their (mainly online) activities. This pursuit helps retailers and businesses build deeper and more effective relationships with their buyers and improve their organizations’ strategic decision-making by providing valuable insights into the customer base.

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