Customer Intelligence

What is Customer intelligence (CI)?

Customer intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers, and their details and activities, to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve decision-making.

With the help of BEX Customer Intelligence, we will create your own database! Such a base is accounted for as an intangible fixed asset and can be depreciated on a monthly basis over several years.

There are 3 levels of data collection:

- Behaviour of anonymous visitors on your website.

- Behaviour of registered users on your website.

- Behavior of visitors anywhere on the Internet.

How does Customer intelligence work?

Everything starts with gathering data in one central location (data warehouse), where it can be analysed and processed accordingly. What exactly to look for and how deep to dig through the data is a case of clients needs and wishes.

BehaviourExchange Customer Intelligence services include building your own database,
data processing and the use of data.

Such database provides comprehensive and useful insights into the behavior of your web visitors, customers and users and consequently, an understanding of what motivates them to make purchasing decisions. This insight into their behavior tells you not only who, what, when and where, but why.

Understanding why they behave the way they do allows you to adjust your communication and offers to their needs and to establish personal communication with each of them on your website or wherever on the internet.

What is the advantage of BEX Customer Intelligence service?

Visitor and customer behavior data is the largest asset of any company, and such a database is your data capital.

Building a good and high-quality database about the behavior of online visitors and customers is a time-consuming and challenging process. Data is being collected 24/7, because quality processing requires an extremely wide array of balanced data. With artificial intelligence, mathematical algorithms, and big data, BEX Customer Intelligence remembers, processes and prepares the data from all interactions with your website.

We help you build your own database with our knowledge, a team of experts and our extremely valuable existing BEX database of 3 million anonymous profiles. The quality of BEX data, and above all the amount of data, enables We monitor the activities of our online visitors on a daily basis and what content our visitors are interested in. In Slovenia, we record an average of 5 million activities daily, and more than 20 million more outside Slovenia.

This way, we enable you to understand the impact of each visitor's characteristics on your online to build a database of your web visitors’ behavior faster and more comprehensively.

How can BEX Customer Intelligence database be used in practice?

BEX CI gives you a comprehensive understanding of your web visitors, customers and users, derived from data collection, analysis and contextualization. By understanding and placing data into the context of your business operations you can make effective and intelligent business decisions and deliver measurable results.With the information we collect and process for you, you will be able to offer every customer exactly what they are interested in. And more:

- you will be able to address each of your web visitors individually according to their interests,

- sell more to your existing and new visitors on the page,

- find those visitors who currently buy similar products from competitors,

- save money on advertising,

- build a better and more solid relationship with customers,

- easier creation of a business development strategy,

- higher conversions,

- increase the number of repeat visits and the number of requests,

- demonstrate the diversity of your offer and gain more leads,…

Which analyses of online behavior are included in BEX Customer Intelligence service?

There are 3 levels analysis:

- Basic analytics

- Advanced analytics

- Customer / Shopper profiles

Basic analytics

- Type of visitors. New and returning

- Individual visitor activities:impressions, views, and clicks, what they were looking for on the page (search toolbar)

- Visit time, location and duration: when a visitor came to the page, where he landed, how long he stayed on the page

- Source of visit: where the visitor came from, from which country, device, platform or browser

Advanced analytics

- Logging and analyzing different types of events (goals, conversions)

- Customer loyalty

- Page retention patterns

- Understanding of shopper’s behaviour, especially those who avoid to complete the purchase

- Visitors Lifetime Value - VLV

- Customer Lifetime Value - CLV

- Browsing depth on the page (scroll map)

- Tracking of orders: who, when, what, value, product category and other product features, ....

- Personalized Website service: widget display (to whom, when, what products, which target group), click on widget and landing page

- Analytics for BEX Profiled Advertising: who, when, where they clicked on your ad and what creative ...

Customer / Shopper profiles

- Buy now/ Impatient

- Discount/ Price sensitive/ The Bargain Hunter

- Researcher/ Best Product/ The Educated Guesser

- Returning / Reclamation

- Single/ Lost Diamond

- I want the latest/ The Early Adopter

- Experiential/ The experience Lover

- The Recreational Shopper

How can BEX Customer Intelligence be used in the marketing department?

Marketing can make great use of Customer Intelligence, as it involves understanding of consumer preferences and deciphering how potential or existing customers will evolve or where they will go in the future. Advanced analytics allows to plan strategies and campaigns in advance with more confidence and precision. Marketing also needs to know where each euro goes and how it affects the overall sales flow. Advanced analytics helps marketing departments and agencies create a complete picture of total spending and results by combining data from CRM, advertising, and other data systems.

BEX CUstomer Intelligence shows how organizations can use interactive reporting to better understand their marketing spending and results, and use data-based methodologies to clearly link these efforts to ROI. Campaign optimization requires ongoing performance review to evaluate and determine which ads, platforms, and other targeting parameters deliver the highest performance and are the most cost-effective. By targeting your advertising spend on the most successful campaigns, you'll generate a higher return on your investment (ROI). An overview of digital marketing channels and conversion rates can be the basis for further research and optimization of marketing activities. BEX enables the optimization of online marketing campaigns on all platforms by constantly increasing the conversion rate.

How can BEX Customer Intelligence be used in the sales department?

With the help of data, sales can determine the customers with the highest value, the sellers who are the most successful, and the most popular and profitable product categories. For some organizations, mostly global companies, most sales processes take place through phone calls / online meetings. With the help of data, they can analyze their sales calls with prospects to find opportunities to improve their sales process. Advanced analytics helps identify covariates that can significantly affect the possibility of concluding a deal.

Understanding the sales flow and its key components is crucial before you start evaluating and improving results - from the beginning to the end of sales opportunities. By analyzing the effectiveness of your sales funnel, you will be able to spot bottlenecks and take the necessary steps to improve the health of your business. Armed with the idea that every proposal has a sales funnel, you will be able to take your business proposals to new levels.

BEX provides an instant visual display of sales KPIs and a better understanding of a company’s shopping cycle, more precise location and brand designation, and optimizing sales performance throughout the day of the week, which ultimately improves the overall sales data analysis process.

Discovering more opportunities in existing user accounts can influence expansion and sales, as well as identify and mimic the most effective sales activities. Understanding price and discount trends allows you to increase the value of the deal and close more new deals.

How can BEX Customer Intelligence be used in the customer relationship department?

The customer relationship department can monitor and compare important metrics, KPIs, trends, and manage all customer relationships and interactions from a bird’s eye view. It can identify the advantages and disadvantages of communication, what to focus on in presentations, trainings, workshops, etc. It can analyze backlog purchases and measure the effectiveness of sales agents against benchmarks and values. It can advise product development teams on weak supply areas or products by analyzing the nature of customers ’purchasing process. It is important to organize customer data based on relevance and to identify customers at different stages of the purchase and to organize planned communication with each customer according to when we will meet them next.

It is important to know how satisfied and loyal customers are. Happy returning customers are very likely to increase future revenue and profits.

How can BEX Customer Intelligence be used in the logistics or distribution department?

Distribution / logistics or Inventory and warehouse managers can use Customer Intelligence to better understand outflows and compare them with sales, previous orders, and other databases, speed up their ordering processes, and reduce waste generated by purchasing inventories that will not be sold or moved in a short period of time. Even manufacturers and other organizations using machines can use it to create self-sufficiency systems and early reporting to avoid costly wear. An early warning system can be created for these companies, enough to save thousands on repair and equipment costs.