Personalized Advertising

What is personalized advertising?

Personalized advertising (formerly known as interest-based advertising) is an advanced form of advertising that improves advertising relevance for users and increases ROI for advertisers. Because it works by employing online user data to target users with more relevant advertising content, it can provide an improved experience for users and advertisers alike.

In the BEX database you can pick a certain personality profile that consists of behavioural and other data gathered from anonymous web users (gender, age, relationship status, location, devices, interests, lifestyle, hobbies, shopping habits, ...). With the help of BEX technology we can find that profile wherever on the Internet and show them your personalized message, ad or PR message.

How effective is personalized online advertising?

When taking into consideration the CTR metric it is proven that personalized advertising brings better results up to 40 %.

Consumers expect content that is both useful and contextually relevant since it helps to reduce irrelevant ads, improves a way to discover new products and maks online shopping easier. And not just when it comes to shopping. The most relevant ads help consumers to find any relevant content and information on the website. The research shows over and over again that consumers prefer a more personalized digital experience.

What is the structure of BEX profiles?

BehaviourExchange services are based on a BEX database of 14 million anonymous profiles: 3 million in Slovenia and 11 million in Serbia and Croatia. Our team of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematics, psychology, psychometrics, advertising, marketing and IT experts managed to profile almost entire online population of Slovenia. And even more, we developed the technology which allows you to target a specific anonymous online visitor wherever on the Internet!

BEX technology recognizes a visitor’s characteristics at the moment they enter a website which allows you to adjust your communication to each online visitor in real time. BEX constantly follows the activities of online users and analyzes the content they like. With the help of intelligent algorithms the BEX system profiles each anonymous visitor (like Google does, in a way). Each profile contains information such as demographic characteristics as well as hundreds of personal interests.

How can I create target groups?

Target groups can be easily created in the BEX DSP interface. Advertiser or advertising agency can request a personalized login access or we can create a target group for you. The functionality of BEX DSP is similar to Facebook and Google, enabling you to choose from various demographic characteristics and interest and calculating the size of selected target groups in the process.

Can personalized advertising use advanced formats?

BEX technology can be used on all ad formats, not just banners. This means you can personalize the messages displayed in the most efficient formats:

- standard ad formats: 300x250, 970x250, 300x600, 728x90, 160x600

- special formats: expandable banner, billboard, banderole, background, takeover ads, ad breaks, Teddy Ad, Teddy Ad XL

- native ads: In Feed, In Widget, In Article

- video ads: video banner, video InArticle, video Billboard XL, Jump out TV Ad, video banderole, video ad break, interactive video background, Open Door video, Jump out TV ad XL

- mobile ads: standard banner, mobile banner, mobile banderole, mobile video banner, mobile ad break, mobile video break

- PR message

Is personalized advertising possible at retargeting?

BEX profiled advertising enables you more than classic re-targeting. It enables you to not only show a customer ads for products he already looked at on your website but also for a wide array of other products he might be interested in according to his overall profile and recent activities on other websites.

On which devices and channels can personalized advertising be used?

BEX profiled advertising is possible on different devices, channels and locations: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Display, Social Media, Search, Geo-location. Different combinations enable you to optimize your advertising and PR activities, make them more efficient and reach your communications goals.

Which are the advantages for agencies?

The agency can use BEX profiling advertising as a part of any advertising campaign. Just send us the brief and we will prepare a custom made offer for your client.

The other option is a direct use of the BEX database. We can give your agency direct access to the BEX platform, where you will be able to create your own advertising campaigns. You will define the target group and choose from the individual websites on which we have implemented the BEX profiled advertising option. BEX does not interfere with your existing agreements with media and advertisers, as your financial agreements and direct relations with the media remain unchanged. The order form, ad codes and campaign confirmation will be sent directly to the media as before, as well as the BEX ID of the target groups, so that the medium can display the right ad to the relevant BEX ID of the target group through their ad serving systems.

Which are the advantages for publishers?

Publishers can use BEX profiled advertising to additionally monetize their advertising space. We can give your publishing house direct access to the BEX platform, where you will be able to create an advertising campaign on your websites.

In the case of direct cooperation with the advertiser, you will create the target group in BEX DSP and obtain the BEX ID of the target groups.

BEX does not interfere with your relationship with the advertiser and the agency, as your existing pricing and discount agreements and direct relationship with them remain unchanged. If you work with the agency, you will receive the order form, ad codes and campaign confirmation directly from the agency as before, and you will also receive the BEX ID of the target groups so that you can display the right ad to the real BEX ID of the target group through your ad systems.

Can various databases be used for personalized advertising?

Yes, BEX Profiled advertising can include various databases:

- The use of BEX profiles database

- Use of data from BEX Customer Intelligence

- Use of data from your own site (BEX Personalized website)

Can personalized ads be shown on any website?

Personalized ads can not only be shown on websites that have implemented BEX code or they are in the BEX network, but can be shown anywhere on the internet.

How much does personalized advertising cost?

For each advertising campaign we prepare a custom made offer. CPM and CPC values depend on the complexity and size of the target audiences, the selection of ad formats and media sites.

What do you need / expect from us?

The most important is a good brief that includes brand/ product/ service description, goals and objectives, target groups, period, budget and any specifics. The rest will be taken care of by the BEX team of experts (AI, machine learning, IT, psychologist and marketers).

Can we lease a direct campaign through you or a campaign through our agency?

Yes and Yes! Both ways are available.

Do you have profiles in other countries?

We have profiles in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.