Personalized Website

What is a Personalized Website?

We have developed BehaviourExchange to enable B2C companies to communicate with their website visitors on a personal level. Personalized communication, tailored products and services, and especially the right content at the right time in the right place is crucial in the sales process.

BehaviourExchange allows you to customize communication with each individual visitor who visits your site, offer better user experience and ultimately increase sales.

How does Personalized Website work?

BehaviourExchange identifies each individual visitor who visits a website and shows or modifies the content of the website based on visitors profile. It can modify basically anything on the website, from pictures, texts, buttons, fonts, push notifications, recommendations, search ect. There are virtually no limitations.

Will BehaviourExchange website personalization slow down the website?

BehaviourExchange codes work asynchronously and do not slow down the loading or speed of the website.

Do I need to change anything on the website in order to uze personalized website services?

No. The use of BEX Personalized website services does not require any design or content adaptations of the website. BEX technology adapts the display configuration of existing content on the website, while the design of the website remains the same as before.

BEX experts can suggest changes to your website in order to improve the user experience of each web visitor if clients wish to do so.

Is personalized content visible only to registered users?

No. Content is personalized to all website visitors. Our technology will allow you to show personalized content to all visitors, anonymous or registered.

How do website visitors see the adjustment of the website content?

Visitors will not notice adaptations, nor will they notice that different web visitors see different content. Instead, they will only see content that is personally interesting for them.

How many audiences do you recommend to start with?

We recommend that you start with up to 5 audiences and optimize the personalized content within the target audiences. If you start with too many audiences you will have difficulties figuring out what works and what does not. After that you can decide what suits you best.

How do we know what content to show to which audience?

We have a couple of options how to select content for separate audiences. One is manual and is done at the start of personalization. We determine who the typical customers of different products are and what interests they have to create the best selection of content for each audience. We can set up an automatic process of gathering products and displaying them to different audiences with quite a handful optimization possibilities as well.

Can we address different audiences with the same service/product differently?

Yes. You can present a service or a product (e.g. a Car) to different audiences in a different way. You can show the same car to women or men with different emphasis. You can engage women with the car's design, color, ect. and men with technology solutions ect.

What do you recommend when a company has many products? How do you select which products to highlight?

Marketing, strategy and tactics are different from company to company. We tailor suggestions to each company in order to best display its products.

How does BEX technology affect SEO?

Customizing web content via widgets has no effect on SEO.

How can BEX Personalized website service help with conversions?

By personalizing the content on the website, the visitor sees a product closer to their interests and desires, which will increase pages per session, average session duration, conversion rate and average order value.