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What marketers should know about Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

by BEX Media • 20/11/2018

The article is brought to you by the marketing experts at BehaviourExchange What do the two buzzwords actually mean in concrete terms? What unites both is a foundation of data. But how can artificial intelligence (AI) and customer experience (CX) really be meaningfully and profitably integrated into marketing? Artificial intelligence and customer experience in marketing When […]

Cut back your marketing costs and boost sales at the same time!

by BEX Media • 24/10/2018

In order to become more profitable and competitive, many companies are faced with the challenge of cutting costs. The marketing experts at BehaviourExchange prepared a Top 5 list of advice that will help you find and make use of your savings potential. Cut the costs (and not the effect) The easiest way to save marketing money […]

Consumers expect you to recognize their wishes and needs. Can a personal approach be applied to masses of potential buyers online?

by BEX Media • 16/10/2018

This article is brought to you by the marketing personalization experts at BehaviourExchange Marketing has changed significantly over the last two decades and one of the most important recent marketing trends is personalization. Technological advancement in recent years brought about new opportunities for ever more accurate targeting and personalization of messages which will eventually replace […]

These are the brands millenials most frequently talk about!

by BEX Media • 09/10/2018

Millennials are digital natives, so it comes as no surprise that the brands 18- to 34-year-olds talk about mostly come from the digital world. But there are also notable exceptions as the YouGov Millennials Ranking shows. NETFLIX, IKEA, WHATSAPP & CO Especially Netflix is currently on every millennial’s lips: Almost 80 percent of the respondents […]

Personalized content — a trend with big impact

by BEX Media • 02/10/2018

As data collection has become more sophisticated, content personalization has gotten easier in some ways and more complicated in others. Starting out as a buzzword, this marketing approach now determines the way companies communicate with its customers. People actually demand personalized content Attention has become a precious commodity in the digital age. Web users in […]

B2C Companies Miss (Too Many) Sales Opportunities By Not Knowing Their Web Visitors

by BEX Media • 01/10/2018

Businesses of all sizes are embracing digital marketing strategies to grow brand awareness, pull in revenue and create impact. However, building a website’s traffic is one thing. Converting traffic into sales is quite another. Don’t get lost in the noise In a world where users are constantly bombarded with content and ads that try to […]

Content personalization drives the latest online revolution

by BEX Media • 25/09/2018

The term banner blindness (also ad blindness) is used when visitors to a website do not perceive banner ads or other elements and content that they perceive as advertisements. Ads can be found almost anywhere on the internet. They traditionally have standard sizes and are placed in specific places on the website. At first, web […]